Thursday, May 31, 2012

style me may week 4

so here we are the final instalment of the style me may challenge. i have throughly enjoyed this challenge and if its repeated i will definitely be joining in. this month has really made me appreciate what i already have in my wardrobe and what new ways i can mix it up a little with out spending a penny. i managed to discover things i didn't know i had and found things i had forgotten i bought lol. so here is my final style me may week :D

day 23 - all black like a spy
all black has to be the classic LBD. my go to little black dress is short, fitted with little cap sleeves. whenever i throw this on i feel amazing. and it so easily accessorised, with black as a base colour any additional colour goes.

day 24 - a new hairstyle
this hairstyle has graced the catwalks all through winter and spring, so when a new hairstyle challenge came up i knew it was about time i tried it out. the result, the top knot now graced my head nearly every working day. having danced since i was little the ballet bun is no stranger to me but the top knot is easier still. simple pull everything back and let your face do the talking. another great thing is when i sleep in it the next morning i have gorgeous waves :D

day 25 - an era gone by
 unfortunately i'm not really an owner of vintage clothes so instead for this challenge i decided to imitate an era gone by. here i love the beaded accessories. this shrug i got from topshop a while ago but i just love it, throw it on top of a white cami and jeans and presto instant glamour.

day 26 - top it off with a hat
this was one of my lovely purchases from home. i love hats and the best thing is they actually suit me (hate it when i love a style but it just does nothing for me). this particular one was from new look and was in the sale for a whooping £3!!! it is so soft and a lovely teal colour.

day 27 - all about your waist
again another easy one. being a curvy girl i am always making the most of my waist to show off my hourglass figure and as you can see from the contents of my drawer i have quite a few to choose from. whether i'm wearing jeans, skirts or dresses there is usually a belt thrown in there too :D

day 28 - mixing patterns
mixing patterns was another challenge i loved mainly because it showed me how far i have come in terms of my sense of style but also what i am willing to try or experiment with. as i have said before there was a time when i was not comfortable with my body and decided the best way to make myself feel comfortable in my own skin was to cover it in layers of dark unflattering clothes. hopefully you will agree with me that i have put that way behind me. so for this challenge i thought i would share the contents of my colourful, patterned wardrobe.

day 29 - oldest piece
i am lucky enough to have something that belonged to my great grandma that i actually remember her wearing. this ring was always on her little finger and i would always ask about why she wore a ring on that finger, oh the things we come up with as kids. after we lost her my mum gave me this ring because i always loved it. i don't wear it as it feels too special to but when i have it in my hands i always feel that much closer to my nana.

day 30 - fancy
short comment this one i'm afraid. mainly because you say the word fancy and i say the word lace :D

day 31 - never paired together
the one phrase i always heard when growing up in regards to fashion was that you never mix spots and stripes, like how you never mix colours and white, until colour catcher came along. well the same has to be said for spots and stripes, i love the combo, very daring but if you pull it off amazing, sure fire way to turn heads :D

hope you girls have enjoyed the style me may month. i loved it and had a blast doing it. if you want to rediscover your wardrobe this is definitely the task for you. you don't even had to do it within the right month or in the right order, just do it for yourself :D x x x


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

style envy: may

while i'm stateside every now and then i need a bit of good old english reality tv and at the moment my go to for my brit fix is made in chelsea. if you've seen it you will be familiar with the love triangles, fights and fallouts and for those who don't think scripted gossip girl set in london's chelsea district.

warning label, the program is honestly cringe worthy at time because quite frankly you can so tell its scripted but i just can't get enough mainly because of the amazing sense of style the girls have. heres a few of my favourites :D



my first fashion girl from MIC is rosie fortescue. a girl with a liking for leather and rarely seen without her red lipstick she usually has quite a neutral colour palette however as you can see above she looks sensational in colour. rocking bright jeans is definitely my favourite look, not easy to pull of but the look is complimented by the floats shirt with similar hues.



my second girl is the very posh amber atherton. this very polished girlie is knows how to work her separates, think skirts and dresses with plenty of stocking clad legs on show finished with the perfect heels. i love the monochrome printed maxi and the splash of colour form the jacket is just perfect.



the main girlie from the first 2 seasons is no stranger to fashion. caggie dunlop is the queen of white out whether risking an all white trouser suit or rocking this gorgeous long sleeve white dress she always looks great. the compliment to clean slate colour you see a flawless tan and lots of coloured accents such as rainbow nails and turquoise jewellery.



finally my favourite character (do you call them characters on reality tv?) miss millie macintosh. although she is usually seen with a unhappy pout on her face there is disputing she knows fashion, working at glamour magazine obviously rubs off. everyday of the week her feet are adorned with heels whether strappy or wedged. she certainly not shy of showing a bit of skin but in the beautiful lace shirt who wouldn't. must be a made in chelsea thing as she loves her neutrals. the best by the far is this lovely beaded dress. top marks all around.

are you a fan of the show, if so who is your favourite character? x x x

Monday, May 28, 2012

portland here i come

this weekend my friend and i jetted to portland as i had a 3 day weekend due to memorial day. after getting the greyhound at some unearthly hour we had a fab weekend filled with sightseeing, food and shopping :D here is my photo diary for the weekend (i'll apologise now for the amount of pics but i just couldn't decided which ones lol)

1. portland cinema sign 2. saturday arts and crafts market 3. doors street art 4. powell's book store 5. photo college at powell's 6. so many books so little time 7. nose in a book 8. voodoo doughnut sign 9. voodoo doughnuts 10. portland cinema showing the boys favourite 11. japanese garden 12. waterfall at the japanese gardens 13. sand garden 14. william shakespeare quote at international rose test garden 15. my favourite rose 16. cupcales from jones' cupcakes, lemoncello, peanut butter and jelly, the pearl vanilla, cookies and cream 17. cupcake slogan, so true so true 18. smoothies at the laughing planet 19. the most hugest salad i have ever seen at the laughing planet.

style me may week 3

week three girlies, as if its here already, i feel like i'm flying through the style me may month. fifty fifty week this week, some easy days with my wardrobe and some not lol. loved the see me blush day , with whats in my wardrobe i could have had this challenge all week. my difficult one was ivy league preppy, not really my style at all but thats what this is all about so enjoy :D

day 15 - ivy league preppy

this is one of the more challenging days, i don't really do preppy but this is the closest i can get within my wardrobe. when i think of preppy i think stripes so here is my interpretation.

day 16 - see me blush
this is my favourite, favourite day. i love nude tones - rose, blush, cream and peach. so i decided not to do an outfit post as as you can see i could do quite a few of them but instead to showcase some of my favourite pieces.

day 17 - your style icon

one of my style icons is the lovely emma watson. whether dressed up for a premium or dressed down in jeans and sweatshirts this girl has style. she is also a queen of transformation no longer portrayed as the book worm witch hermione she has blossomed into a fashion leader known for her daring pixie cut and many advertising campaigns such as lancome and burberry to name a few.


day 18 - colour blocking

i love colour but unfortunately it has been a very busy few days and i didn't have time to create a photograph for this challenge but thank god for pinterest :D so here a my favourites - colour blocking nails, loved this very caggie from made in chelsea so i had a go my self. but the best outfit goes to miss sarah jessica parker love the clashing red and pink :D

day 19 - dress up a t shirt

again feel really bad that i have had to resort to pinterest for this challenge but with 3 boys running me in circles i barely had time to think today but if i had the time to do this outfit post myself i would have done something very similar. as soon as i think dress up a t shirt i think of a plain tee with loads of necklaces :D

day 20 - an expensive splurge

these are my favourite pair of boots. now they are not my most expensive purchase to date but when i bought them i was still just working weekends so my income was pretty small. at the time paying £60 on a pair of boots was a lot. i have had these for ages and wear them all the time which is what i told myself i would do when i was trying to convince myself to enter my card details into asos to pay about a quarter of my wages on one pair of boots. looking back well worth it :D

day 21 - shows off your gams

first for this one i had to figure out what gams were and low and behold apparently they are legs. so what do i wear when i want to show off my leg... shorts with heels :D whenever i wear this combo i feel great , the heels give me a bit of extra height which is always a bonus.

day 22 - pearls

i own a couple of pearl jewellery pieces but this is my favourite. as its so long it can double as a necklace or wrap around bracelet. i found it in a charity shop over the summer while on a mini road trip with my best friend so this what not only a bargin but whenever i where it it brings back memories of the summer :D