Saturday, July 28, 2012

100 things that make me happy #1

these past couple of weeks i've been feeling a bit down as i have come to realise some things all at the same time. come august the amazing group of friends i have meet whilst here in the states will finish their working year in america and go back to their home countries, someone else in my life will also deploy to the middle east for 8 months at the same time and i'm on the countdown for my family visit in september which is leading me down the path of homesickness.

so with this all in mind i felt like doing a little pick me up post to remind me of what i still have that i am grateful for and the things that make me smile to lift my spirits a little. so here is my list of 25 things that have made me happy this week, the full list will be completed ver the next few weeks :D

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1. sunshine
2. frozen yoghurt
3. skyping with home
4. reading harry potter to the boys
5. brazilian carnaval 
6. new summer dresses
7. cinnamon pancakes
8. people coming back from trips
9. looking through photos
10. tax rebate
11. funny youtube clips
12. early work finishes
13. blogging
14. sushi with the girls
15. parades
16. long lie ins
17. texting
18. citrus body wash
19. ice cold white wine
20. french lessons
21. planning holidays
22. good times owl city & carley rae jepsen
23. catching up
24. perfume samples
25. golden glow

Friday, July 27, 2012

high five :)

yes its time to high five for friday with Lauren over at from my grey desk. another busy week this week with all 3 boys in camp so i basically played taxi and ferried them to and from all week. but i did find a few quiet moments for some me time and also for a mini shopping trip and dinner out with my girlies :D


1. little late night shopping trip to target and i came home with these two beauties, both $24.99
2. sushi dinner with the girls mid week, lots of yummy food, good company and gossip to get me through to the weekend (image via)
3. discovered the free paperbacks section at my local library, no taking out books just take them and return when your finished, no return date or late charges :)
4. finally order my naked 2 palette form urban decay, now just have to sit and wait for the post man to bring me my goodies lol (image via)
5. another little purchase while i was out shopping that just happened to land in my basket, wooden circle ring from claire's accessorises $7.50

hope you all had a good week, enjoy the week :D x x x

book club review: the vow

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this week i'm linking up with heather over at blonde undercover blonde for the weekly book club. having love love loved the film, when i saw the novel about the events that inspired the film, the vow, i knew i had to give the book ago.

"life as kim and krickitt carpenter knew it was shattered beyond recognition two months after their marriage when a devastating car wreck left krickitt with a massive head injury and in a coma for weeks.

when she finally awoke, she had no idea who kim was. with no recollection of their relationship and while krickitt experienced personality changes common to those who suffer head injuries, kim realised the woman he had married essentially had died in the accident.

 and yet, against all odds, kim and krickitt fell in love all over again. the vow tells the true story of this journey, one of a commitment unbroken and a vow fulfilled."

i loved this book, maybe not as much as the film because as with every movie things are added to real life events (like getting married in a museum, or the chocolate box dessert tradition) that make it feel a bit fairytale like. however this may be the ultimate love story. a husband not giving up on the love of his life even though she has no idea who he is. hearing about how at the beginning of krickitt's therapy she would scream that she didn't know who this man (her husband) was or why he was here and yet kim never walked away. its takes a real love and two very special people to fight for something that a) isn't there anymore, as his wife isn't the same person he married and b) will not be the same even if they can get back to loving each other, as after going through so much people come out changed.

NOTD: essie fear or desire, bikini so teeny

today i'm joining the nail files, the nail obsessed link up bought to you by and

okay its official, i am in love and quite possibly addicted to essie nail polishes! there i said it, passed the first stage, denial lol. yes yes i know, how many is that you have bought in the last week jessica? honestly i'm not even sorry, look at these gorgeous summer colours. bikini so teeny is the softest of baby blues while fear or desire is a bright shocking orange. they actually look really great together as well, hmm there maybe a duel manicure in my future. i've said it a million times but i am really impressed with the quality of essie nail polishes, they go on really opaque after a few coats and for me they take a good 3 days before chips start to appear, and lets face it looking after three boys its not like i'm sitting round doing nothing either. the only thing that is different with these two colours is that it took three coats of polish instead of the normal two before i was happy with the finish but that has more to do with me being a little obsessive about streaky nail polish than the qualtiy of the polish itself. so if you're looking for some summer colours these are my number ones of the moment :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

revlon lip colour haul

i need you all to bear witness to this, i am vowing not to buy anymore revlon lip products. okay readers you are my back-up. seeing as how in the last month i have bought two lip butters, two just bitten kissable balm stains and two just bitten lipstain and balms. enough lol.

any way that out of the way these are my latest additions :D after hearing such amazing reviews from the beauty blogging world about the revlon just bitten kissable  balm stain i had to try them so i picked up honey, a lovely soft natural pink and lovesick, a gorgeous vibrant magenta. the colours go on amazingly, they are so creamy that i can wear them all day without feeling my lips dry out. the other great thing about them is that you can build the colour up from a soft subtle shade to a bright popping colour.

i also nabbed another lip butter in candy apple, a really nice red. because its a lip butter its not matte or opaque on my lips which i sometimes with other lipsticks, it can be a look that is too harsh for me. but with this i can wear red lips and get away with it. my last purchase was another revlon just bitten lipstain and balm this time in the shade dawn. this is a pinky brown shade that i love, its very neutral while still adding a dash of colour to my lips to finish off my daytime look perfectly.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

style envy: july

what with my current addiction to anything revlon and lippy its no wonder that this month's style envy is emma stone. known for her big roles in the help and the amazing spider man, this girl is the current chameleon being as fortunate in the hair department as the likes of scarlett johansson and rachel mcadams be able to rock both the blonde bombshell look as well as the red headed babe.

she also knows how to look great, working both the bold bright colours for summer as well as the crisp subtle shades of spring earlier in the year. emma stone has a very feminine style that comes out in her various dress and skirt we she her in as she graces the many red carpets of hollywood. whatever the look ,whatever the hair colour this girl looks fab :)

but which do you prefer blonde or red head, brights and bold or nudes and subtly? personally i love the red head look on emma, it gives her face so much warmth and goes amazingly well with the bright side of her wardrobe, my favourite, you all know i love a bit of colour :)

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oh how pinteresting #1

a couple of weeks ago i finally jumped on the pinterest band wagon and i have to say i'm already addicted :D its like flicking through a magazine and virtually putting post-it notes on my favourite things and then creating a mood board i can go back to and sigh over. it is the most random collection of pictures i have ever seen, especially if you don't search a particular category. today i'm joining michelle over at the vintage apple for the first time for her weekly link up "oh how pinteresting wednesday" to show you guys my pins of the week. if you're interested in following me on pinterest my username is lilywhitengrose :D

seeing as this is my first pinterest link up i thought i would go through my boards starting this week with my favourite FASHION :D this is one is so full  of pins that are my kinds style it was really difficult to whittle it down to a handful but here are my favourites...

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 78

as you can see from the pins above i love layers, honestly cannot wait for fall ad winter so i can wrap up again :) i have quite a neutral base colour palette but i love a good pop of colour which i usually add with some gorgeous shoes and yes they usual are peep toes. i am obsessed with patterns; stripes, spots lace, you name i love it and to bring it all together a sprinkling of silver on my fingers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

victoria jackson make up

victoria jackson is not a make up brand i'm at all familiar with, but last week my mum sent me a parcel with some of these goodies in. from what she said victoria jackson is a brand that works very similar to avon, virgin vie and the body shop where by you can make purchases with ladies who sell it from home. one of my mum's friends has now started to sell this so she got me a couple of bits :D

the first one is a trio of eyeshadows in bronze hues. i think my mum bought these as part of last seasons collection as i can't find them on the website and unfortunately the product does name its colours! such a shame because i love finding out the names of colours, little sad i know. anyway this trio is gorgeous, it will create a smokey eye look but because of the bronze tones it wont be as harsh or dramatic as using grey/black tones. there is a lighter bronze, a very warm bronze (probably the closest colour to what i would actually describe as bronze lol) and a dark brown with shimmer running through. i can totally see myself wearing this look during the daytime as its quite casual.

the other thing i was lucky enough to be sent was the victoria jackson harmony eye shadow palette, again can't find it on the website, sorry :( this one is a quartet of eyeshadows in brown shades starting at the palest of creamy browns with some added shimmer, followed by a light brown with a hint of sparkle, then a warm brown that looks like the perfect base and finally a dark brown which i'd use for definition. love love love this set. i wear a lot of neutral shades on my eyes and this one is a great addition to my collection.

the eyeshadows them selves are lovely. they go on quite lightly which i actually prefer for daytime colours as i can build and build them to get the colour as strong or dark as i like it. i have a feeling i may have to have a browse around the victoria jackson website for a few more goodies :D

Monday, July 23, 2012

review: pearly white crest 3D white whitestripes

diving into a bit of unknown territory here with these. the past year one of the new products on the shelves has been whitening teeth strips and while i am quite happy with my natural teeth i was curious about the product and just how good it was compared to a professional whitening. the only thing is that i can't afford professional whitening and to be honest the price of a pack of strips (usually around 10 uses) was just to much for me to justify spending that much money on. so when i spotted a pack of 2 for under $10 in the miniatures section just before my holidays i had to give them a go.

the best thing about these versus a kit is that there is no preparation, its all already done for you and all you have to do is put the strip on your teeth. there is one strip for the top row of teeth and another for the bottom. the clear strip makes it really easy to apply as you can see what you're doing and means you don't have to walk round looking like you wearing a gum shield.

after wearing the strip for 30 mins you just remove and dispose with no residue left on your teeth and no second step, its so easy. as for the effects i was pleasantly surprised i could see a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth :) with it being this easy and the effects this good i will be using these again.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NOTD: essie mojito madness

yes, yes i caved yet again. another little essie nail polish managed to find its way into my ever growing collection, oops :) this shade, mojito madness, is from the 2012 summer collection and is a gorgeous greeny/ turquoise. it actually looks a little more blue in real life but apparently my camera wanted to capture the greenness. this summer i have been loving bright nails, particularly green hues. i have been loving sinful colours open seas shade which unfortunately i scraped the last bit out of the other day, so here is its replacement. as with my previous colours i love the quality of the nail varnish, the opaque finish you can achieve after just two coats and the cute design of the little bottles. come pay day fear or desire and bikini so teeny both from the summer collection my just make an appearance in my room as well.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

eyes lips face

the brand elf turned 8 this year and i thought after hearing the name dropped here and there by loads of different beauty bloggers that it was about time i tried their products to see what all the fuss was about. first things first elf stand for eyes lips and face and to fit with their theme i got some products for each of those areas. the main thing i am going to say about these products and the brand itself is that it is really good value for money. each of these items was no more than $3, i think i spent a total of $8 on four items which is practically unheard of now. i have tried and tested all of these and honestly i love them, the colours are great but more importantly the quality is equally great which for me is even more impressive considering the price range.

so the first little gem i picked up was the custom eyes eyeshadow in shade moondust. this is a lovely soft brown, perfect for everyday use. the colour goes on really easily and is quite pigmented so a little goes a long way which is great. now i'll be honest i was a little confused when i first opened the packaging as there isn't a holder for the eyeshadow. but after some research on the elf website  i realised that this is actually made for a custom compact. here you choose your four favourite colours and add them to the compact, means you only by the colours you will use. the eyeshadows are only $1 each with the custom compact being an additional dollar, thats $5 for an entire eyeshadow palette! as you can tell i am amazed by this range, i think pink ice, driftwood and mocha will be completing my compact very soon.

next i picked up a couple of lip products, elf matte lip colour in coral $3 and elf luscious liquid lipstick in baby lips $1. the matte lip colour is very opaque and is more of a solid lip colour which for would have worked better if i picked it in a red shade but when layered with a gloss the matte lip colour is great, although i wouldn't have said this colour was coral, needs more orange to be coral. the luscious liquid lipstick is fab. i thought this was going to be a lipgloss but when i put it on the colour is more solid as if the lipstick and gloss are mixed together inside the tube. the other thing i love about this, is that is smells great, kind of minty and there is a slight tingle when you first put it on which i also associate with lip plumping which i'm not going to complain about.

finally i bought elf contouring blush and bronzer $3. the blush in here is by far my favourite purchase. its a lovely summery pink with a touch of shimmer that for my skin tone is perfect. it goes on so easily and looks great, very fresh. i haven't really experimented with bronzer before but i would love to be able to contour my cheeks better so i have a feeling i'll be youtubing conturing tutorials to get how to use this product.

overall amazingly pleased with all of these. i will definitely be popping back into target to restock and find some more hidden treasures from elf. love that good make up is affordable to those on a budget, like i am currently. nice to be able to treat myself without breaking the bank. as an added bonus due the brand celebrating their 8th birthday they have a deal each week. this week spend $20 online get a 100 piece endless eyes pro eyeshadow palette for free!

Friday, July 20, 2012

summer fridays

what a long, busy, jam packed week but here it is, its friday!! and as its become my little habit heres my look back at the week with high five for friday with Lauren at from my grey desk. this weeks post is completely random and is basically a mini diary of what i did this week. as you see by my lack of blogging this week, this has been the only time i've even had the chance to document and share my little adventures.

1. it seems everyone i know had the same idea - to go on holiday at the beginning of july. so for the last three weeks i've hardly spoken to anyone back home. that all changed this week, everyone is back where they are meant to be so the mammoth skyping catch up session started :D and yes these are the three nutters i call sisters and best friends, that i get to skype with every week lol


2 + 3. this week i finally managed to get down to the local farmers market and what a good day i picked, it was also seafood fest meaning more stalls to look at and some really good food. so i ate and shopped my day away and then had to drag myself away from the cat adoption stall where this little guy and his friends were sat playing. honestly i could have taken them all home in a heartbeat, luckily or unluckily depending on if you are me or not, its not my house so the gorgeous little kittens had to stay put. but that didn't stop me from playing and holding them for 30 minutes :D

4. all three of the boys that i look after were at home this week so that meant we went to every park and  museum in seattle as well as the library, swimming pool and we even managed to go for ice cream one day as well. these photos are from our trip to the burke museum of natural history and culture. the good thing about weeks like this is that they go so quickly and here i am writing my friday post with the weekend just around the corner :D

5. at last but by no means least, Lauren put on twitter earlier this week that it was national ice cream day. so there was my reason (not that i really needed one) to sit and enjoy a nice big bowl of french vanilla with the mandatory butterscotch and chocolate sauce toppings with no guilt what so ever, yum yum.