Saturday, September 29, 2012

if i were...

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if i were a gemstone i would be a moonstone
if i were a scent i would be the smell of something yummy, like cupcakes baking
if i were a pair of shoes i would be peep toes
if i were the weather i would be sunshine
if i were a facial expression i would be  smile

if i were a car i would be a convertible so i can feel the wind in my hair
if i were a time of day i would be the evening
if i were a month i would be december, christmas and snow :)
if i were a place i would be the sea side
if i were a liquid i would be  bubbly champagne
if i were a taste i would be chocolate

if i were a sea animal i would a dolphin
if i were a food i would be anything mexican
if i were a colour i would be pink
if i were a musical instrument i would be a piano
if i were a flower i would be a gerbera
if i were a song i would be a christmas carol

if i were a planet i would be the moon
if i were an object i would be my laptop
if i were a fruit i would be a strawberry
if i were a sound i would be whistling
if i were a day of the week i would a lazy sunday

i found this tag through ellie over at a little wishing and thought it was a great one. she too has done a lovely post on this so stop by and check it out :D. little side note i am in preparation for my first giveaway!! i'm so excited as i have now reached over 100 followers, so a huge thank you to all of you that made it happen and for reading all of my little ramblings :D

Friday, September 28, 2012

all the single ladies

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i am cooking up a reading frenzy this week and there is only one person to blame, my mum. reading is huge in my family, even my sister who has called us all bookworms for the last ten years has finally jumped on the band wagon. when we go on holiday our suitcases contain two things, clothes and books, for me last year it was 10 books for a 2 week holiday and i read every single one of them! so last week when my family came to visit so did the books and after they had gone i had a nice little pile on my bedside table to work my way through as my mum claimed i just had to read all of these :)

so the first one i picked up was by author jane costello, my mum has read her books for a while but i never had so i was excited to be introduced to a new author. i am going to warn you now my reading tastes fall into two distinct categories; chick lit and supernatural novels. this particular one is definitely a chick lit book. the story follows sam, who has been with the love of her life for six years until he suddenly turns around and decides he needs to be a free spirit again by going back to south america! obviously she is devastated but with the help of her two best friends, they concoct a plan to make jamie stay. and so happy carefree sam is born. this new girl has the life of her life at any given opportunity but really she is crying on the inside and praying that becoming more free spirited like the love of her life, he will see the error in his ways and come back to her.

i loved this book!!! i was laughing out loud one minute then shouting at the book telling the characters how stupid they were being the next and finally closing the book with a huge smile on my face as the ending is lovely. this is a nice easy read and like i said it definitely one for those who love chick flicks in book form :D today i'm linking up with heather over at blonde undercover blonde for her weekly book club link up :D

i'm a recessionista

as if its friday already and the last friday in september no less, where has the year gone seriously!! its going to be christmas before we know it, not that i will complain about that i love christmas :) anyhoo just a quick post from me today as i have the kiddo to look after but i thought i would show you the colour that have been gracing my nails all week. both are very fall colours and both are from the new fall collection from essie. the first lovely shade is recessionista, gorgeous colour :) normally i 'm a dark dark almost black purple kinda girl but this one really caught my eye. its a fab plum purple colour that actually stayed on my nails for a full  days without a single chip anywhere, i was well impressed. but as much as i loved the colour after a week starring at the same colour on my nails i redid them last night with essie miss fancy pants. a very nude shade with undertones of brown and taupe. its very neutral which i have found very refreshing after having lots of colour on my nails the last couple of weeks. i'm  linking up for the nail files with fabulous but evil and my vickilicious life, and mani monday :D have a fab weekend x

Thursday, September 27, 2012

change is coming :D

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just a little shout out from me today with some exciting news! my little blog recently reached over 100 followers on GFC and i cannot tell you how amazing that is to me. i started this blog as a way of recording my little adventures in the states and whatever comes after this, sharing my favourite things (nail polish and books) and the odd recipe that i couldn't resist trying. i never thought in a million years that i would have people genuinely interested in what i wrote or have such lovely people leaving equally lovely comments :D so a massive thank you to each and everyone of you who has ever followed, commented or viewed my little neck of the woods here x x x

so as the title suggests i have some things in the works that are ready to go or in the process, the first being facebook. yes i have done it, the lily white english rose now has its own facebook page! (very excited hence all the exclamation marks) so i would love it if you would pop over (link here) and like the page. also i'm going to have some tweaks to the blog done itself, think of it as re-doing its make up lol so keep your eyes open for some changes :D

finally and most importantly i am going to be having my very first giveaway!!! i know i have already said it but its you guys are what makes my little blog what it is and as a way of saying a massive huge gigantic thank you i wanted to give a little something back. so next month keep a look out for a chance to win a beauty bag filled with all my favourite things that i have raved about on the lily white english rose :D

stila autumn shades

i have a confession for you, i am loving cult brands at the moment, seriously i just can't get enough of them. this time its stila, i popped into nordstrom rack again (deadly i know) but after my luck with my bargains from urban decay i couldn't resist and boy i wasn't disappointed :) this time my hidden treasures were from stila and even though i don't think that they are actually from this fall collection they couldn't be more perfect, so for this week these are my current crushes for the link up bought to us by the lovely danielle over at framed frosting hosted this month by kristen at the wright stuff :)

first up is a santa monica boulevard eye shadow set with the shades coy (light beige with slight gold shimmer), mystic (deep shimmery green/teal) and poise (a shimery plum). these kind of colours just scream fall to me; its all about purples and greens with a little burgundy and brown thrown in to the mix. the pigmentation on these eyeshadows is great and a little really goes a long way. now i wouldn't normally wear the green on my eyes but when i started playing around with it adding hints of it in the crease it really brought out the chocolate colour of my eyes so i will definitely be experimenting with this a bit more. the cream and purple colours together makes a very nice look too with lots of blending :)

the other bits i found were in a set, the stila forever your curl curl memory mascara and two smugde stick waterproof eyeliners. now i haven't tried the mascara properly yet as i am still loving my nxy doll eye long lash mascara but i am intrigued by the name and cannot wait to see if it lives up to it. the smudge sticks came in stargazer (black with slight silver shimmer) and oscar fish (brown with slight gold shimmer). these both look amazing, they go on really creamy, last ages and as the name states as really easy to make a smokey eye look with. normally a black eye liner girl, i was surprised when i actually liked the brown better. maybe its because its a very fall colour but i cannot get enough. its natural enough that it just emphasises my natural eye shape but the shimmer just sets it off beautifully.

Monday, September 24, 2012

food photo diary

if there is one thing my family does best when we are together its eat. so this past week when they came for a visit it was no surprise that we sampled pretty much everything seattle and america had to offer, from cupcakes to frozen yoghurt, burgers to pasta. lets just say we went to bed every night with food babies in our bellies and the last few pounds i had lost being good before they came are back in place lol. here is a little selection of the yummy things we tucked into this week :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

lipbalm loving

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i found my loving lately idea for this week while i was moving everything over from my favourite handbag, which has sadly had to be replaced as i have used it to death, and found six lip balms in the the bottom of bag. now i hate chapped and sore lips as much as the next person but i thought it was slightly excessive that i carry round six of these little lip savers on a daily basis. so this got me thinking how many do i actually own?

the answer...14!!! i own 14 lipbalms, this doesn't include lipsticks, stains or glosses that is a whole other story, this is just how many sticks of lip smoothing magic i carry around in 2 handbags and my make up bag. so it seems that apart form my little nail polish addiction i also seem to have one for lip balms and hadn't realised it lol. i love burt's bees tinted lip balms, eos, revlon lip balm stains and the old faithful carmex. my other little revelation when i find a good lip balm formula i like to try all the variations of colour and flavour, as you can see form the picture. 

my current favourite is the korres lip butters. i have heard so much about these in the blogging community that the other day when i popped into sephora i thought i would try one for myself and see what all the fuss was about. currently i have the shade pomegranate, a lovely sheer coral colour, but already i'm planning picking up quince, a sheer rose tone, and jasmine, a sheer neutral pink. the formula is lovely, gliding on so easily and creating colour that not only lasts but is seen straight away with very little product. apparently my little collection may be getting bigger again lol :D

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family visit photo diary :D

this week i had quite possible the best week ever, my mum dad and sister came to seattle for a visit from england!!! i haven't seen them in over five months since my last visit home and it was so so great to see them, its quite different talking to your family a couple of times a week on skype than actually seeing them in person, and going out to dinner and catching up and even sharing beds with my sister like we did when we were little (long story). but we did so much together this week that i thought rather than making an incredibly long written post i would create a photo diary of our little adventures instead, so fair warning this post is very very photo heavy :D

Friday, September 21, 2012

all the colours of the rainbow

now we all know that i have a little problem when it comes to nail polish as i have admitted it lots of times, the problem is i just love the little bottles and the array of colours but i may have found a way to help my tiny problem...i got my sister into them too lol so now its her who is buying them with a little encouragement from me lol :) so when she came for a visit this week and we stopped in at walgreen's we (mainly me) had no problem filling her basket and the best bit shock shock horror horror she had never tried essie! so it was off to the essie counter we went and came back four bottles heavier for her.

she picked out these gorgeous colours (L-R) turquoise & caicos, play date, wicked and a cut above from the lux effects collection and i may have also picked up turquoise & caicos after trying out hers and seeing this lovely contrast manicure she gave herself :) for my actual pick this week for favourite nail polish and entry into the fabulous but evil and my vickilicous life nails file link up is not an essie product but a maybelline colour show nail lacquer. my newest addition is from the limited edition fall line in the shade 710 metal icon. this immediately caught my eye in the shop and for me is the perfect shade for fall. metal icon is a silver bronzy shade that is full of both polish and glitter so that after two coats the nail is opaque but still has lots of sparkle.

another little revelation this week and a my sister came for a visit we decided to have a little pamper day and go and get our nails done (acrylics for her and a manicure and pedicure for me). the salon used all OPI products, something i have yet to experiment with as i am more than happy with my current favourite brands but after having jade is the new black in my pedicure and melon of troy on my finger nails and having them last a good five days without chipping i am seriously interested in the brand. on the other hand i have also read that using a base coat, nail colour and top coat from the same brand makes the polish last longer? any ideas, i'd love to know what experience you have had with OPI or if it really is the same brand manicure thing???

Thursday, September 20, 2012

guest post: the life of a not so ordinary wife

Hello! I am Melissa and I blog over at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife. I am a not so simple girl who obsesses over a new hobby about every week or so which let me tell you comes in handy when you're looking for new blog material! I've been married for 7 years to the love of my life and have been a pastors kid almost my full 27 years of living. Exciting, I know! I also have the whole sarcasm thing down pretty well ;) I have been blogging since February of this year and it has already taken over my world. HA, I LOVE it, like seriously love it. Oh and the friends I'm making while I'm doing something I love... ya, crazy, I know.
My recent hobby? Photography! That makes sense right? The "steps" to being a blogger. First start a blog, Second convince your husband you need a dslr to take "great" pictures. haha.
I would love to share of few of my favorite so far:
Hope you enjoyed :) Make sure and stop by my blog and say hi!! Oh and visit the GFC Blog Hop every Tuesday, It's a great way to meet new friends!