Thursday, January 31, 2013

rich raspberry

after doing these friday nail posts for a while now would you believe that i don't currently have any pink nail polishes except for this relatively new one. weird seeing as one of my favourite colours is pink lol. but this one i wanted to show you today may just be about to change all that. i have said it before but ill say it again i am loving the revlon colorstay nail polishes, the formula is great; it covers the nail practically opaquely with just one coat and on my at least they don't really chip. this shade, rich raspberry, is gorgeous and is really getting me in the mood for spring. a bright pink with a magenta or fuchsia side it always makes be happy as its such a bright colour :D

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i was so pleased when rachel from lalalists announced that she would be doing another opinions link up! i have joined in with these before and love them simply because i can just write a list (one of my favourite things to do) of completely random things that i think and not have to explain them, just simply state them :D so here goes...

  • there are some days when cold pizza is better than hot
  • yellow is a happy colour
  • fat amy in pitch perfect is quite possible the funniest character ever
  • animal testing is wrong, end of story
  • birthdays are a big deal
  • so is christmas
  • friends come in and out of your life, family is forever
  • cats are great listeners
  • pinterest should come with warning labels, its so addictive
  • karma will come back to bite you in the ass
  • travelling is amazing
  • hogwarts should be a real place
  • chocolate should be a food group
  • you can never take too many photographs
  • footballers are overpaid
  • heels dress up an outfit instantly
  • painting you nails everyday is not obsessive, thats what i'm trying to tell myself
  • netflix is better than tv
  • its ok to collect candles
  • no one does food better than jamie oliver
  • pretty little liars is a great show but a little confusing, who the hell is A???
  • the radio should not have adverts
  • there should a holiday dedicated to pyjamas
  • hair on my head should grow quicker, hair on my legs shouldn't grow at all
  • everyone should be themselves without worry

hope you enjoyed my little rant there lol. have you entered my 500 followers giveaway yet??? you could win my current beauty favourites and an ad space on the lily white english rose :D just enter using the rafflecopter below :D

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

revlon nearly naked

last year the only foundations i bought were from revlon, for me 2012 was the year they got it right for my skin tone and how it sits. first i bought the revlon photo ready airbrush foundation, a mousse foundation that provided a lovely light coverage. then like many others i was obsessed with the revlon colorstay 24 hour foundation, this was my favourite foundation ever. it lasted forever, provided great coverage whilst still looking natural.

enter the new revlon nearly naked range. well with my previous success i just had to give these ago and  luckily for me i was over the moon with the results. i have the nearly naked foundation in the shade vanilla and the powder version, due to my oily skin, in the shade fair. lets start with the cant help but notice similarities between other high end foundations and this. the name is so similar to the new urban decay foundation while the consistency is quite watery like the chanel vitalumiere aqua. compared to other bases i've tried this is very thin but that is the main thing i love about it as it feels like you are actually wearing nothing on your skin, while a quick glance in the mirror will still reveal all your imperfections covered. despite being light its staying power is great especially when combined with the powder. 

i cant help but love the powder either. this onto top of the foundation gets rids of any trace of oil on my face, which for me is great as my oily skin tends to be a pain. this isn't a transparent powder so a light hand is needed as each application does apply more colour but i love the result after a light dusting. especially with spring and summer fast approaching i am so glad i got my hands on both other these, even though i did go routing for them in a stock box at walmarts as they had been taken down off the display. they provide natural looking coverage that hides any imperfections with out feeling like you have a second face on top of your own :D

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Monday, January 28, 2013

nyx jumbo eye pencils

you guys know how much i love natural eyes and neutral palettes when it comes to eye products. well i stumbled across these the other day whilst browsing the cosmetics aisles in walmart and honestly couldn't resist first of all because of the gorgeous colours and second because of the huge sale stickers attached to them - there is no way i can pas up a sale, i think its genetic lol. 

the nyx jumbo eye pencils are like massive make up crayons or the eye version of the revlon just bitten kissable balm stains. this format makes them so easy to apply even if you have a shaky hand. the formula itself is great, really creamy which means them blend heavenly not just across the eyelid but with other shades too. i picked up five shades, three of them on sale-score!; yogurt - a pink champagne colour, iced mocha - a cool toned brown, french fries - a warm brown , rust - almost cranberry shimmered shade and bronze - a rich copper with orange tones. for me they last well but i did use an eye primer first just to avoid creasing and movement. the other great thing about them is that the colour selection of the range is huge everything from grey to lime green to purple, so there is definitely a shade for everyone :D

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

asking for trouble

image via
if you have seen my recent facebook or twitter posts you will know that last week i was totally sucked in by a new book. for the entire week gone was netflix after work, instead i commandeered the big comfy chair for the evenings and read and read like the little book worm i am at heart :)

so the book that  enticed me is asking for trouble by elizabeth young. i got this for christmas and after reading the back cover knew i had heard the story somewhere before...

"unmarried, thirty-year-old sophy metcalfe told a little white lie to soothe her nagging mother. the white lie's name was "dominic," the ideal boyfriend: charming, successful, the kind of prospective son-in-law that would make any mother proud. but now that sophy's thin and beautiful sister, belinda, is getting married, dominic is going to have to make an appearance in the flesh-which should be a pretty neat trick...since the genuine article vanished from sophy's life after a single, singularly un memorable evening. so she resorts to a very drastic measure-aka josh carmichael, the escort she hires at the very last minute, sight unseen. but the trouble with white lies is that they tend to multiply. the trouble with rugged, too-sexy, and independent josh is...well, that sophy's actually beginning to like him! even if they make it through the wedding day from hell together-with its new intrigues, old flames, and all-too-familiar faces- there's the night that follows...and, of course, the morning after. and that could end up being the biggest trouble of all!"

i got about half way through and realised that this sounds like the book the film 'the wedding date' was based on (love that film with debra messing!) the book its self was great, i was hooked right from the start as i had never read anything with even a slight similarity to this plot. the situation itself is just funny and the amount of hilarious situations they got into had me in stitches. this is definitely a light feel good read that is perfect for holidays or just to lighten your mood.

Friday, January 25, 2013

wet n wild trios

L-R knock on wood, sweet as candy, walking on eggshells
normally i don't post on the weekends but with my couple of posts this week and my absolutely love of these i thought i would make an exception to my little rule. i picked up these gorgeous wet n wild eyeshadow trios in a little drug store haul this week after having such a great experience with their color icon eyeshadow collection in comfort zone. comfort zone contains ten eyeshadows in neutrals, brown and some subtle greens that i have used to create so many different eye looks. first off wild n wild is a drugstore brand thats product have pay off that rivals high end brands. these eyeshadow trios retail for less than $4 but have colour pigmentation that is amazing. i bought three of their trios; knock on wood-soft pink for the browbone, shimmered light brown for the crease and a plum colour for all over the lid, sweet as candy-contains a cream shade for the browbone, matt soft brown for the crease and a soft shimmery baby pink for the lid, and my favourite walking on eyeshells- shimmery cream on the brow, shimmery brown in the crease and a gorgeous sparkly nude for the lid. 

all of these shades are gorgeous and i love that they emboss the shadows with their respective places, it makes it so easy to apply and on the back of the palettes it even shows you exactly where to put it. i already have my eye on the other neutral trio set in the collection, silent treatment - this one contains a light pink for the brow bone, a plum shade for the crease and a shimmery taupe for the lid :D i am so over the moon with these and would definitely recommend picking some up if you see them :D

knock on wood

sweet as candy

walking on eggshells
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

wined and dined

i love writing my friday posts mainly because it means that before had i can have some me time, pick a colour to have my nails for the weekend and to show you and then take my time and paint them. some people say that they hate painting their nails, i however love it! i actually find it really relaxing and pampering as i usually go all out and sort my nails out, moisturise them and then prettify them :) this week after my little chill out time i chose to show you a gorgeous colour from the maybelline color show line called wined and dined. it is such a pretty colour, a deep burgundy with lots of subtle gold shimmer. it seems i just cant get away from the deep autumnal colours but i am hoping to branch into lovely soft pastels for spring soon :D as i have talked about this line of polishes before you guys know i am impressed with them, they apply a little thin but after two coats you get a really opaque finish with bold colours. the chip factor is also good i can get about three days before chipping starts on my nails. what colours are you loving right now?

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Monday, January 21, 2013

a random one today

no proper post on here today as i am posting over on lalalists :D pop over to see what i'm up to.

today has been about...

  • watching chick flicks
  • making blueberry pancakes for breakfast
  • rearranging my room
  • drinking lots of peppermint tea
  • getting totally sucked into a new book (expect a review soon!)

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

exciting news & 500 follower giveaway!!!

I AM SO EXCITED TO BE WRITING THIS POST!!! these past few weeks have been huge for me and for my little blog. i have reached some amazing milestones that honestly i never thought i would reach. the lily white english rose now has...

  • over 500 followers on GFC
  • over 400 followers on twitter
  • over 100 likes on pinterest
  • and nearly at 200 likes on facebook and nearly 100 on bloglovin'

not any one single thing on that list would have been at all possible without the amazing support of you lovely readers. its reading your sweet comments and emails that puts a huge smile on my face first thing in the morning because even though i know every blogger says it, its really true that i never would have thought people would want to read what i write. i started this blog as a way of documenting my adventures, my current favourite everything and to help me remember all the lovely little things that have happened along the way. its now how i meet amazing people, get to try new things and get to know about other amazing products, places and things to do. blogging has allowed me to meet some amazing ladies who i know that with just a quick email will help me out with any problems whether technical, design related or inspirational :D

so today i am taking what i think is a huge step and am starting to accept sponsorship for my blog. i have put this off until now as i wanted to get to a place where i knew exactly what my blog is. i am 100% comfortable saying now that my blog is my corner of the world for my ramblings, thoughts on my latest loves and somewhere to share the latest recipes i have tried and the books i have read. not very specific i know but its completely me :D

so as a HUGE thank you i am hosting a giveaway which includes a few of my latest beauty favourites and a 200x200 ad space on my blog!!! :D

i am giving away covergirl clump crusher mascara (i have this and am loving it, expect a review soon!),  wet n wild rose champagne shimmer palette (looks alot like a mac mineralise skin finish), jergens moisturisers, maybelline nail stickers, fresh sweet coconut and lime foot lotion, maybelline colour whispers (i so want to try these, they are top of my drugstore beauty wishlist), EOS blueberry lipbalm and not dent hair ties as well as the ad space :D

i hope you guys like my pics as i so wanted to keep some of then for myself, cough cough wet n wild shimmer palette, cough, maybelline color whispers, cough cough lol. this giveaway is open internationally so everyone can enter :D

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

french roast

i am in love with my manicure this week, mainly because my nails have finally grown long again. i used to bit my nails for years and years when i was younger and honestly my nails were a disgrace. having stopped a couple of years ago its not just my nails that are growing now its my nail beds too. so now with a weeks growth i love the look of them. the colour i used this week is from the new revlon colour stay line and the shade is french roast. i love this colour is so gorgeous, its a deep reddish brown with a shot of multicoloured glitter in it. this shade is a perfect alternative to the darks i love wearing on my nails, the brown makes it not as harsh compared to the vampy purples and reds i love. the line of polish is amazing as well, it wells so good and only chipped on my nails after 4 days :D

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

featured on NQTY

Welcome back to the link up unlike any other...
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This will be a weekly link up rotating through different social media outlets for us to connect through. I hope that this link up will facilitate the making of many new friendships and partnerships. We are all in the same boat, let's get to know each other and support each other through life's twists and turns.
This week we are featuring a lady who has been linking up week after week, and she is just awesome. Everyone, meet Jess from  the lily white english rose Jess is a lifestyle blogger who blogs about things we all love; fashion, books, baking. Like I said, things we all love! Jess is currently studying languages in Seattle, which I might add is quite a cool place to live (my bestie lives there!). For Jess's opinion on a little bit of everything, her blog is one that will keep you coming back. Great adventures, great discoveries, a great blog to be a part of.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

morning skincare routine

today i thought i would share with you my morning skincare routine. i love watching videos like this on youtube and also reading posts about skincare as it introduces me to so many new products and lets you see what people really use, instead of just testing them out for a review. i am going to be making two more posts like this one, one on my evening skincare routine as it varies slightly and also one on the little extras i sometimes add in a couple of times a week for a little extra pampering. but lets get the mornings done first...

for cleansing in the morning i love origins checks and balances frothy face wash, i have written about this before (post here) and am still loving it. this leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without the added tightness or dryness i sometimes find other cleansers give. pictured above is a brand new bottle as i have just finished my first and repurchased, but because this stuff is so frothy when lathered onto the skin you literally need a pea size amount; my first bottle lasted me over 4 months! next up is toner. toner is an area where i am quite disloyal, i have tried a few different ones, favourite is the cult product the caudalie beauty elixir, and at the moment am using murad clarifying toner. this makes my face feel fresh and really wakes me up in the morning. this one is made for acne prone skin and helps to get rid of excess oil without drying out my skin. tarte maracuja oil (post hereis a new type of product for me. for years i have been terrified of adding extra oil to my oily prone skin but recently having read so many posts on how beneficial it is even to oily skin types i decided to give it a go. in just a little while i have seen great results, my skin feels healthier and i think looks a little better. origins ginzing eye cream is amazing, every single time i use this my eye area looks more awake and looks like i have had loads of sleep even if i had none. its not at all heavy and sinks in really quickly making any puffiness disappear with it. the origins make a difference + is a holy grail product for me. i use this as my moisturiser but it is unlike any other one i have aver used. it has a gel like consistency that absorbs immediately and leaves no shine or residue. it also acts as a perfect base for my make up, my skin is evened out after i have used this and my pores are hidden. the matte finish to it also makes my foundation last longer during the day just like a primer would. finally due to my acne prone skin i have to use a kind of spot treatment. again this is another area where i love and am willing to try new products. currently in my bathroom cupboard is clearsil acne and marks spot lotion. after using a lot of natural products in my routines this does feel a little harsher but used daily is helping to reduce the scars and marks left by my blemishes. it also contains salicylic acid which is meant to help prevent acne, i personally haven't noticed a huge different in the frequency of my acne but for its other benefits i am going to finish up the rest of the bottle. 

i hope you guys liked my little introduction to my skincare routine and as i mentioned i love reading these types of posts so please let me know any recommendations you guys have for my oily acne prone skin :D

Monday, January 14, 2013


these little beauties are my latest lust after product. the l'oreal infallible eyeshadows are amazing, they are a mix between a pigment and a pressed powder. when i first opened these i thought that the entire thing was going to fall out and go all over the place but even though the eyeshadow looks loose it is very very densely packed. at the moment i have the shades iced latte, a gorgeous light gold colour that is incredible shimmery, and amber rush a shade i have heard a lot about, its a bronzed rose gold colour. iced latte is a gorgeous highlighter shade and i am loving amber rush all over the lid. these shadows are so pigmented that all i did to create these swatches was literally swipe my finger over the pot once! so with a pot this size it will last for ages. the other thing i am loving about the infallible shadows is the colour choices. as i said i only have two so far but i already have a list of others to get; midnight blue, bronzed taupe and glistening garnet. i cannot wait to create a smokey eye with midnight blue and glistening garnet while bronzed taupe will be a lovely everyday shade like the two i have pictured here :D have you tried any of the infallible eyeshadows?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

my sister's keeper

image via
being one of those people who prefers to read the book before the movie i am well behind with this book as i saw trailers for the film ages and ages ago but i finally got round to reading it these past couple of weeks. my sisters keeper by jodi picoult looks at "can a parent love too much? or is too much never enough? anna is not sick, but she might as well be. by age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions and shots so that her older sister, kate, can somehow fight the leukaemia that has plagued her since childhood. the product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for kate- a life and a role that she has never challenged...until now. like most teenagers, anna is beginning to question who she truly is. but unlike most teenagers, she has always been defined in terms of her sister- and so anna makes a decision that for most would perhaps be unthinkable, a decision that will tear her family apart and have perhaps fatal consequences for the sister she loves."

as i said i have seen the trailer so i did have some idea what would happen in the book but it was a really good read none the less. its not just a typical book that goes through the effects that such a horrible disease can have on not only the patient but also their family, this questions the difference between what is medically legally and medically moral. it really looks into when put into this kind of situation how stress and fear can change your decision making process and how these uncharacteristic changes impact the people around you.

when reading this you cant help but feel for anna who up until this point has had no say in what has been happening to her and has taken a back seat in the family as all the focus has been on her sister. you also see this in her brother jesse, who although a main character is sometimes forgotten. i really dont want to give the plot away because there are so many things that first of all i so didn't see coming and will really spoil the ending if i give it away (lets just say huge huge twist!!) but this is an amazing read and something that was a little different to what i usually read. it really shows how the situation can sometimes change your thinking.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

baker street

after all the reds, golds and for me especially greens i have been wearing for the last few months in the run up to christmas once i saw this colour i knew it would be a fab colour to wear at the start of the year as it is so different from what has been adorning my nails recently. baker street from nails inc is the brightest blue i have ever seen, its nearly verging on neon blue. its one of those shades where you cant stop looking at it, every time i saw a peep of it i had to full on check out my manicure. the thing that struck me most about this was it opacity, to my eyes one coat completely covered my nails and there wasn't a hint of white tip peaking through or streakiness. 

a couple of years ago my nail varnish collection was mainly made up of nails inc shades but in recent years this has been taken over my essie and opi but after this little experience i will definitely be stocking up on some of their other lovely shades, specifically porchester square and jeremyn street both lovely nudes colours with undertones of beige, grey and lavender. using this with a base and top coat it last 3 days without a single chip and if i wasn't the sort of girl who changes her polish a couple of times a week just for the colour change, i think this would have gone on strong for up to a week! in my standards that amazing. bottom line love love love :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

macadamia natural oil deep repair masque

seems i am on a bit of a haircare binge this week but never mind my hair certainly isn't complaining about all of the pampering its receiving and this one is the product its loving best. the macadamia natural oil deep repair masque comes from an entire range claiming to penetrate and rebuild damaged hair through the use of macadamia and argan oils. with added tea tree and chamomile oils as well as aloe and algae my hair just eats this up and loves every second i use it. 

this is one of those products where you can see the results after just one use, after applying it to ends for just 5 minutes once a week it left them with no frizz and so smooth and shiny. i wouldn't recommend using it more than once a week as it is so intense but after the results i have seen i wouldn't feel the need to. the great thing about that specific direction is that this 250ml jar although around $30-$35, honestly a little pricey for my budget, will last you ages. the smooth and unbelievably heavenly scented cream is thick so only a small handful is needed to cover my long hair. it smells very fresh and almost zesty and has an amazing staying power, after using this with my bumble and bumble sunday shampoo at the weekends to clarify my hair not only can i smell it for days but also the results linger even into the next wash. 

i have a feeling this is going to be one of my holy grail products that i keep repurchasing as i have never used any thing that gives not just amazing results but amazing results after just one use. as i said initially  i thought this was expensive but after seeing what it can do it so worth every penny :D

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the dream closet of every girl?

so girlies i am afraid being stuck in bed with the flu for the past couple of days threw a major spanner in the works for my planned blog posts. so seeing as all i have been doing is lying around watching my guilty pleasures on netflix, namely rom coms especially how to lose a guy in ten days because who can resist funny kate hudson "our love fern! you let it die!!!" and gorgeous eye candy that is matthew mcconaughey, i thought i would share with you something i am really looking forward to next week.

sex and the city was the show that many 20 somethings grew up with and pledged their loyalty to one specific character, were you a carrie, charlotte, miranda or samantha? i probably act more like a charlotte but lets admit it we all want to be carrie. i loved the show and was probably where my love of fashion initially came from and seriously after seeing all the amazing outfits and shoe closets who wouldn't turn out to be a fashion lover. next week sees the start of the carrie diaries, a series based on the prequel book for the series. now i have never read any of the books but if this prequel is anything like the real thing we are in for a treat.

image via
the carrie diaries looks back at carries teenage years when she first set foot in new york series and her own love of fashion was firmly fixed in place although looking at this promo photo for the series she needed little education, seems she already has a closet i would die for. already we can see the trade mark heels, gorgeous thick hair and bold choices of mixing prints and styles; silver sequins, green leopard print and red heels who would have thought. fashion is like the fifth character of the show and honestly it would be lost without so here are my favourites :D

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Sunday, January 6, 2013

split remedy

tresemmé split remedy is another product that has wormed its way into my daily hair care routine. i love having my hair long but for me that also means it needs more looking after. at the moment it is three inches past my shoulders but i would love to let it grow longer. the only problem is that if i let my hair get too long my split ends are terrible so i have to get regular hair cuts which makes it shorter. see my problem - grow hair long or have split ends?

enter tresemm√© split remedy. this handy little product claims to reduce up to 80% of split ends after 3 uses. and i am impressed, i use two pumps of this through the ends of my hair once i have towel dried it after coming out of the shower.  after using it for a month i have to say i have see no signs of split ends yet. my last hair cut was in september and normally by this time i would be planning my next one but at the moment if things carry on the way they are i don't think ill need to have a trim for a while. i love this product, it has helped with such an annoying problem really well and its really affordable. i will definitely be repurchasing this :D

Friday, January 4, 2013

rich in heart

excuse the short nails this week, it seems that my nails are very unhappy with me at the moment and become very weak and keep splitting. so it seems this weekend will be all about nail care, i think a nail wrap and good cut, shape and trim is in order. but any way even though they need a little tlc i couldn't pass up the opportunity to show you guys this gorgeous shade i picked up the other day. as i have said before i am so impressed with the sinful colours nail polishes. for just under two dollars you get a really good quality polish that last really well, on my nails at least, comes in a huge variety of colours. rich in heart is a gorgeous deep purple almost brown shade that in the light shows a red glitter running through it, excuse the slight blur on the photo but it was the best way to show you guys the glitter. this applies really dark so i actually only needed the one coat to create an opaque nail colour. i love this colour, its a gorgeous winter shade and even though we are slowly moving towards spring i'll be wearing this alot, you cant beat a vampy nail :D

Thursday, January 3, 2013

style envy ginnifer goodwin

welcome to 2013 everyone!!! one of the things i always look forward to in the new year is all my favourite programs coming back on the tv after their long winter break, because honestly i can't stand it when they drop a huge bombshell and then i have to wait six weeks to find out what happened. so next week most nights at some point i will be snuggled up with the tv watching, get ready for the long list, pretty little liars, bones, vampire diaries, 90210, supernatural, nikita, revenge, beauty and the beast and last but by no means least once upon a time. and for this month's style envy i had to pick the beautiful ginnifer goodwin, who stars as snow white in once upon a time.

image via
now the most obvious thing and the thing i love about her style most is the bold pixie cut. i love this look so much even though i love long hair, this just looks amazing on her, perfect for her bone structure and features. as time has gone on from the first time we saw her new do it has obviously got longer but this has meant she can work it into different styles; prim and proper almost boy cut, spiked up rock chic or a girlie tousled look. which ever way ginnifer goodwin wears it i love it.

the second thing is her style. in earlier years she was very conservative with her clothes but since the big chop her fashion sense has developed. she still retains her girlie look at heart but instead on it being the main focus we see it now in the details, a little lace, soft tones and floaty materials. its the shape and cut of the clothes that have in my books earned her a more edgy look. i love ginnifer goodwin's style and for me the step up in the fashion department has done wonders for her.

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