Thursday, February 28, 2013

manicure march day 1 - sharpie nail art

welcome to manicure march!!! march is my birthday month so i wanted to do something special and a bit different of my blog so every day of march i will be bringing you a different manicure everyday :) some of them will be gorgeous new colours i have found while others will see me trying my hand at nail art. i also have some lovely girlies joining me for guest post with their favourite manicures and even a sneaky giveaway thrown into the mix as well! i am so excited that this little project i have been working on for the last month has come together and cant wait to show you all the things i have come up with...

this first manicure as many of them will came from inspiration i got from pinterest. the sharpie manicure is for me the easiest way to create nail art as you little draw on your nails with a pen and any little mistakes can simply be wiped away with a little rubbing alcohol. now i didn't have any gold or silver sharpies so i decided to use these calligraphy pens instead, they are more difficult too remove but i fond if you draw the design and apply a topcoat straight after the ink sets with the polish and can be removed so much easier with nail polish remover :)

i am loving polka dots right now so here is my polka dot manicure. i used  the rimmel base coat top coat pro for both my base and top coat and essie lilacism for the full nail colour. i decided to try both the silver and gold colour for the polka dots and am loving both of the colours, the gold really stands out but i love the silver against the lilac :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

american anniversary

Next week marks one and a half years since I moved to the states. i cannot tell you how quickly that time has pasted and how many amazing things I have done on my little adventure. It feels like I only got here yesterday but in a weird way it feels like I haven't lived back home in England for years and years and years. I have loved every minute of this journey and would do it again in a heartbeat.

So for today's post I thought I would do a little reflecting about all the things I would miss here in the states but also what I am really excited about going back to in the uk. Now needless to say the biggest category for both of these is family and friends. I am now part of a whole other family out here in Seattle and even though officially I look after three boys as an au pair it feels like what I have really done is gain three little brothers. I am going to miss them so so much when I go back home in six months (some of you might be wondering why I am worrying about that now, but the time really does fly) as well as all the lovely girls I have made such good friends with from all over the world. On the flip side I am so so excited about seeing my mum, dad and sister again it's unreal and also all the amazing people I left behind and who stayed in contact with me whilst I had my adventure.

Now for the funny ones...

In America I am going to miss -
Having a Starbucks on every corner
The gorgeous cat I just kind of claimed as my own
Extra holidays like thanksgiving
Having lucky charms for breakfast
Shops being open all day on a Sunday

In England I am really looking forward to -
Shopping in boots and super drug with all the uk branded make up
Getting two little kittens!!!!!
Trips to topshop
Having proper chocolate, need some cadburys
Sneaky pasties from Gregg's

Make sure stop by tomorrow as I have a really exciting project starting for the month of march as a little celebration for my birthday!!! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

becca shimmering skin perfector

this is something that has honestly just been sitting around in my make up drawer waiting for a nice sunny day to finally arrive so that I can make good use of it. but I have finally gotten used to the idea that the sun isn't going to show its face for a while and there is no point a lovely product like this just sitting round doing nothing. so out came the becca simmering skin perfector in opal, a lovely cream highlighter that is quite light and thin in consistency which I personally love as it means that even applied heavy handed lay I won't end up looking like a disco ball :)

this is almost a rose gold highlighter as there are no silver or gold sparkles, once blended it is quite nude and quite pink. I applied this on the tops of my cheek bones the other day and even though the sun wasn't out I had the loveliest glow as it catches the light so well. this is only a sample size that I got through sephora but after I use this up I will definitely be looking to try their other shades - pearl (almost white), moonstone (pale gold) and topaz (bronzed gold). these are little on the pricey side but they are so gorgeous I would fork out for them :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

ren resurfacing aha concentrate

as you may have seen from some of my more recent posts i have been paying a lot more attention to my skin lately. i have never talked about this on here before but its something that affects my skin and is the reason behind my skin care needs. 

around 5 years ago i was finally diagnosed with PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. in very unscientific terms it means that i have an imbalance in my hormones which in my case, and i must stress this as every case is different and people can experience entirely different symptoms and at different levels, means that i have very irregular periods, if any at all, acne prone skin, i find my weight very difficult to change and later may lead to conception problems. the one for me that has always been the pain is the bad skincare as i am comfortable with my curves and at the moment babies aren't in my immediate plans. so i try product after product that claims it will get rid of my spots, blemishes, acne - whatever you want to call the annoying bumps on my face lol and the scars they leave behind.

i have heard alot about products that use chemical exfoliation to leave the skin looking brighter, smoother and more healthy. after much umming and ahhing about whether to try out the alpha h aha concentrate or the ren resurfacing aha concentrate i finally went with the ren one as the brand itself is fab and is not as harsh as the other one. this claims to " gently exfoliate so skin appears radiant, even toned and smoothed. reduces the appearance of pore size and fine lines. improves moisture retention and the efficacy of you skincare routine."

it was the even toned and pore size that i was drawn to and hoped to see a change it. i have been using the ren resurfacing aha concentrate for the past month twice a week and honestly have seen an improvement :)  this is nice as even though it is a chemical its not at all harsh and all i can feel is a slight tingle at first, which i like to think means its working lol. after applying this at night the following morning my skin feels so soft and i have noticed that the scarring i have along my jaw line from acne is slightly better, now i don't mean its gone but as i see it everyday i can see that its faded slightly. you only have to use one pipette full at a time so this bottle is going to last me. have you tried a chemical exfoliant before?

Friday, February 22, 2013

beauty swap with l'amour josie

i love living in america, don't get me wrong but there are some things that i miss about the uk. leaving aside all the important things like family and friends and moving on to the more material things i have really missed british brands for make up! i never in a million years thought i would be saying that about make up its true lol. so when i saw that josie from l'amour josie, was looking for someone to do an international swap with i jumped at the chance. 

we each asked for the things we were coveting and just couldn't get our hands on; i went for brands that are difficult to find in the us namely - rimmel (very limited selection and the newer products take forever to make it across to the states), topshop make up ( there is some on the website but honestly compared to the prices i'm used to back home its so so expensive!), mua (as i've never tried anything from them) and sleek (again never tried anything from them). so onto the lovely goodies josie got me :D in all honesty near all of these i asked for because of the hype surrounding them and couldn't wait to try them for myself and the others i just loved the colours :D 

i got...
  • rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in big bang and galaxy
  • rimmelscandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal eyeliner in nude
  • rimmel wake me up instant radiance shimmer touch in shimmering sand and radiant rose
  • topshop highlighter in sunbeam
  • topshop blush in morning dew
  • topshop lips liptick in macaroon, whimsical and innocent
  • mua undressed eyeshadow palette
  • mua nail constellation in libra and gemini
  • sleek blush by 3 in lace

i absolutely loved swapping with josie and of course once i have had a chance to play with these full reviews will be on the way!! its a great experience not only because you get to try some amazing make up that you normally wouldn't be able to get a hold of but i got to get to know a lovely girl :D her blog is amazing so if you haven't already make sure you stop by and say hello!!! :D

Thursday, February 21, 2013

bold sangria

as you guys know i am a sucker for deep vampy shades. it doesn't matter if its 100 degrees out side and i'm in shorts and a t'shirt, most of the time my nails are painted in dark purples, reds and black which are usually seen more in winter and fall. but i just cant help it, personally i think that on my nails the darker colours my them look longer and my fingers look nicer with these shades too. some shades i have tried in lighter more pastel colours make my skin tone look really fun or if they are really light as if i either have no polish on at all, so what was the point of painting them lol. when i saw this little beauty in the store the other day i knew it was going to make my collection of dark purples even bigger but i just don't care lol. this revlon colorstay nail polish n bold sangria is gorgeous, its actually relatively light for a deep purple as in it actually looks purple rather than looking black. and as with all of the other polishes from revlon i have tried, it is a dream to apply, on my nails it doesn't take forever to dry and leaves a really glossy look so most of the time i skip a topcoat, naughty naughty. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

current lush favourites

its only recently that i have really gotten into using lush products, before it was just a bath bomb here and there when i wanted something abit different or special. now lush along with a couple of other brands are what i reach for when looking after my skin. today i wanted to talk about two of my favourite products that really help both my face and body.

first up is dark angels. my skin typically is slightly oily and prone to spots and even sometimes acne when lets be honest i just haven't taken as good a care of it as i should have. so when my skin really was bad and after trying loads of things with all kinds of chemicals in it to make it better i decided to go down the route of more natural remedies and off to lush i went. i had heard loads and loads of talk about how good angel's on bare skin was, but the assistant i spoke to said that that wasn't right for my skin type but they did have another similar product which was more suited to my needs. dark angels is a scrub that is so black i was actually scared of using it on my skin. but it contains loads of charcoal which i knew was for purifying having had it in the origins clear improvement mask, which i love. after having used this mask for about a month and a half now in the evenings i have noticed a huge difference in my skin. the charcoal does exactly what it is meant to do, excess oil is soaked up and doesn't come back later on in the day, it is also keeping most of my spots at bay, not all but nothings perfect. i am loving this product and will definitely be buying a bigger tub :D

my other favourite is the cult classic, buffy. i had never heard of this until i read about it on blogs, i had also never used a two in one product like this before either. buffy is an oatmeal scrub that contains body butter, so once you have scrubbed and got out of the shower you dont have to moisturise. this product is lovely, the scrub part leaves my skin so soft while the body butter leaves it so smooth. there is a little bit of residue but not loads so i just end up rubbing it in to help lock in moisture. 

have yo tried either of these products? if so did you love them like i did? what are your favourite, im always looking to try more lush products :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

sparkles and shoes giveaway

Today's giveaway comes from Kelly over at Sparkles andShoes! Kelly is a twenty-something recent college graduate living and working in New York City and her blog is about all of her favorite things from fashion trends and shoes to makeup and decorating.   She is giving away a set of green and gold bangles, there are nine in all. They are so pretty and will add the perfect pop of color to any outfit. Just enter using the Rafflecopter below! The giveaway will end on 2/27 and it is international, everyone is welcome to enter. Good luck and make sure you visit Sparkles and Shoes!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

beautiful creatures

image via
this wasn't going to be the post i was going to publish today but after seeing this at the weekend and being blown away i just had to rearrange to make space for this little review :) my friend and i went to see beautiful creatures the other day, a fantasy film which looks into the world of casters, another term for witches, from the point of view of ethan, a mortal who has fallen in love with a girl he has never met except for in his dreams. on the first day of the new school year a new student walks through the doors of small town gatlin's high school and is literally the girl of his dreams. lena wants nothing to do with anybody but ethan cant stay away from the mysterious girl who lives with the town shut in. as everyone else whispers about her being a satanist ethan gets to the bottom of all the gossip. she is actually magical and has amazing powers, we see her make it snow in the hot southern winter and reveal invisible writings on her walls. the problem is when a female caster turns sixteen her powers will either be claimed for the light or for the dark, lena very soul is being battled over, with her uncle on one side and her powerful dark mother, who she had never met, on the other.

i loved this movie and now am itching to read the books by kami gracia and margaret stohl. it was really interesting having the story told by the leading male as most of the films i have seen with a similar theme are told by the female whether she has powers or not. beautiful creatures tells the most amazing love story and honestly all through the film i was like i need a man like that lol. i loved emma thompson in this film, she plays an evil character but doesn't do it in the typical way, she gives a really unhinged performance which for me mad the charactrer seem that much scarier. i also loved emmy rossum in this, she plays a cousin of lena's and i so want her wardrobe! we see both ethan and lena sacrifice so much for their love - family, friends, even love itself. i loved every minute of this movie and when it ended was sat there going nnnnnoooooooo!!!!! if you haven't seen this movie and love supernatural and fantasy film you need to see this :D

Thursday, February 14, 2013

porchester street

today has just been one of those days, my beloved apple mac has gone and died on me so posting might be a bit all over the place for the next couple of days, bu i promise as soon as i am back up and running ill be back at full force. this will definitely be by march 1st as i have an exciting project coming up for the month of march so stay tuned for more details :D

for today i wanted to share with you one of my current favorites for nails, it has become kind of my go to this past week. this lovely nude by nails inc has very subtle undertones of brown and purple which for me makes it the perfect for that kind of in between stage we are currently in season wise. porchester square like lots of the other nails inc shades i have tried applies gorgeously, needing only two thin coats before it looks perfect on the nails. i am hoping that in the next few weeks the sun will finally show its face and i can break out the amazing pastel shades i have been buying recently :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

love is in the air

image via
just a little post from me today to wish you all a happy valentines day whether you are spending the day with that someone special or celebrating with friends, have an amazing day :D x x x

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

nyx mini haul

i love a good sale and since being in the states nyx is a brand that after hearing nothing about it in the uk has become a firm favourite over here. so i was over the moon when i popped into the cosmetics aisle the other day and saw those lovely red stickers marking everything on the stand down! nyx is a very affordable brand any day of the week so it was even more appealing with a little discount. 

i picked up some of their single eyeshadows in my favourite neutral colours after only having tried their blushes before. i am really pleased with these, for a drugstore brand the pigmentation is good and they blend really well together, hopefully this isn't just because i picked similar colours. i got sparkle cedar - this one has the least pigmentation so i would probably add this across the lid after creating a smokey eye just to add a bit of sparkle, utopia gold - a soft bronze shade that is great for an everyday colour, root beer - my favourite of the bunch not just because of the name, this is a taupe shade with hints of purple that i have fallen in love with, this reminds me alot of mac's sable, and finally cryptonite - a dark grey with lots of shimmer that i picked up to add when i am feeling more of a vampy look. 

i also got a couple of their eyeliners and lipliners. again pleasantly surprised with these. the lip liners are great as they are really soft so it doesn't feel like i am trying to rip my lips off when applying this. the shades i picked up were nude pink and sand pink, both very wearable colours that with a little gloss on top gives that my lips but better look. they stay on quite well, not the best in the business but will do for an evening out. the eyeliners are fab, i was very impressed with the colour selection. cafe and satin blue especially caught my eye. as you can see its not my usual neutral but i couldn't resist this gorgeous blue shade, i'm hoping to get alot of wear out of it in spring maybe along the lash line?

Monday, February 11, 2013

korres a fresh blend

i saw this set on asos the other week and after dipping my toe in the korres lip butter pond and loving them decided to give their other products a try. the fresh blend set is great as you can try the korres shower gels and body butters but the best thing was that it was on sale!! korres is a very natural brand that uses the native herbs and plants of greece within their products which in my books is fab. i honestly cannot pick a favourite out of the three products you get in the set they are all great. 

first up the guava body butter, this scent just reminds me of holidays - sun, sea, sand and a little bit of suncream. i could literally close my eyes and smell this and think i was on the beach in tenerife again with my sister the other year. enough of the smell how about if they are actually any good at what they are meant to do? well i love these body butters and cant wait to try more scents, they are so moisturising and leave you skin feeling really soft. a little product also goes a long way as they are quite thick but massage into the skin really easily and absorb straight away. the shower gels are equally lovely. the set comes with basil lemon and guava fragrances, both very tropical fresh scents that i love using in the morning as they really wake you up. again a little goes a long way, these lather so well, i was covered in bubbles, so i can see this set even though it only contains 50ml of each lasting a long time :D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

naked basics

one of the things i love best about being a blogger is that you get to read about all the latest products that have been released and that are being loved by the beauty community. after reading so many reviews on products i feel like i know exactly what i am getting when i buy a product and since blogging have not been disappointed with as many of my purchases. 

the naked basics palette by urban decay is one of these products and even though i own the naked 2 palette it wasn't until i read other posts that i realised i was doing what so many others were doing. for a night out my naked 2 palette was the only thing i reached for, as you can literally create so many looks with the 12 colours it contains. but come daytime i would skip this palette entirely and opt for my matte wet n wild trios or the satin shades in my laura mercier artist palette. so when this palette was released i knew it would eventually be added to my collection and last week i took the plunge and splurged. 

to say i wasn't disappointed is an understatement! the palette contains 6 shades - 5 completely matte and one with a slight shimmer which can be used as a highlight, that are all super pigmented and so soft and creamy. the combination creates a really naturally look that defines the eye but doesn't look over done, using venus, foxy, walk of shame, naked 2 and faint. adding more of the intense black shade crave, adds some drama perfect for dressing up a bit. crave is one of the colours that makes this palette, it is so pigmented, for the swatches below i swiped my finger in the shadow once! this is the perfect colour for lining your lash line as a little goes a long way and can be blended really easily for a softer effect. so far i am lovely this palette and it is fast becoming my go to for daytime :D

Friday, February 8, 2013


image via
the shopaholic series by sophie kinsella is my favourite ever set of books as it combines my favourite things - a ridiculous love of shopping and chick flick genres. honestly after reading the four books before this you can't help loving the main character becky, its as if kinsella combined the bet friend, the ditzy girl you can't help but love and the hopeless romantic. if you haven't read the other books there is a little spiler coming up! so after getting her prince and finding out about a long lost sister becky finds out her perfect little family of two is going to grow by one as little baby brandon is on its way. this part of the shopaholic series sees becky go through pregnancy and discover yet another reason and department to shop. at the end of the book baby clothes are coming out of her ears and she somehow manages to buy 5 prams for one baby. the shopping part is the fun part of her pregnancy but hers does come with lots of downs; first her obgyn turns out to be luke's ex-girlfriend from college who turns out to be a bit of a psycho, her dream house - complete with a shoe room - turns out to be more hassel to her own closet than its worth and she manages to go into labour in the middle of a photo shoot for a magazine that she treats like her bible. its safe to say that this book is by no means boring! i love kinsella's style of writing, its so easy going that i can easily read a novel in one sitting. i think i loved this one even more as becky's life gets another dimension thanks to the baby and she explores the real fears that first time mothers go through. i have read the book after this wear we get to see becky's life with the baby and that one doesn't disappoint either :D safe to say i would recommend any of kinsella's books :D

Thursday, February 7, 2013

blue slate

its no secret that i love the revlon colorstay nail polishes, so much so that i have shades in them that match other brand colours as i love the formula that much. but i really love it when i try one of their shades that is a completely original addition to my collection. this little beauty is one of them. blue slate by revlon is a blue grey that i have been wearing no stop recently as its a very transitional shade. a few weeks ago my nails were always covered with dark vampy colours, now as spring is getting nearer and the weather gets a little warmer pastel shades always make their way back into my favourites. this softer shade lets me add a little colour without going totally pastel, not quite ready for that yet. 

i also read this week that revlon will be expanding the colorstay line adding 4 nail polishes (trade winds, seashell, jungle, sheer sunburst). they will also be adding 4 new lip butters (wild watermelon, juicy papaya, sorbet and pink lemonade), 2 new eyeshadow quads and adding an entirely new product - baby sticks (tahitian, pink passion and sunset) to their range. cannot wait for march to get here so i can add them to my collection :D

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


i have worn glasses for what feels like forever but over the years they have gone from being something that you dread getting to something in recent years that has become so in fashion, just look at all the geek chic big thick frames that even people who haven't been prescribed lenses are choosing to wear.

with the amount of styles out there it so easy to find a pair that suit your face shape and to choose something understated if you want or go all out with a gorgeous pair of eyeglasses in a vibrant colour. personally i have had everything from rimless, when i didn't want them noticed, to coloured frames or my nice pair now that i took forever picking out, think square in shape but with a nice striped side for a little something extra. 

honestly companies that make glasses are just making it easier for us, you can now even order glasses over the internet and not fear them not suiting you thanks to snazzy little programs like the virtual mirror feature offered by glassesUSA. you can upload a picture or take one on the web cam and play around picking styles and frames that look fab. i had such fun trying on all these different glasses and as you can see i just couldn't help myself with the hot pink pair lol :)

make sure you have a play around and see what amazing looks you can create with this handy little program :D

thanks to this handy little thing you can buy glasses online and make it as simple as buying a pair of shoes or even that new lipstick you saw, i know i always manage to find one. plus the lovely people at glassesUSA are making it even nicer by offering you guys a discount! you can get...

  • 30% off frames [with single-vision Value Lens Package] + FREE shipping (*"premium" frames excluded*). Code: EYECANDY30
  • 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10
so make sure to have a look at and have a play on the virtual mirror :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

l'oreal clolour caresse wet shine stain

it seems the entire blogging and beauty world alike have gone crazy for the new concoctions of a lipstick and lipgloss in one product. the first big one on the scene was the YSL glossy stains, this luxury product has the feel and shine of a lipgloss but the colour pay off and stay power of a lipgloss. with the huge buzz surrounding these it was only a matter of time before a drugstore version finally made its way on the shelves.

enter the l'oreal colour caresse wet shine stains. these little beauties have been dubbed the dupe for the glossy stains; the packaging is very similar, a gold casing with a clear section to show the different colours and the effect created is also comparable. i love the concept of the shine stains as i love wearing colour on my lips but i hate when a lipstick or stain leaves them feeling dry, this completely solves that problem as the gloss added keeps your lips nice and hydrated. one quick coat of the gloss adds a nice amount of colour that sinks into your lips staining them and leaving a gloss like after a lipbalm has been applied, once a second coat has been added the colour becomes more pigmented and rather than disappearing the gloss stays put. i bought the shade rose on and on to see how these faired and will definitely be getting more. this is a gorgeous soft pink colour that suits my skin tone and adds a my lips but better glossiness to my lips when i wear it. 

if the YSL glossy stains are a bit too far out of your budget these are a great alternative, they have a fab colour range with 12 beautiful shades to choose from. i really want to get endless red and coral tattoo for a brighter choice with spring coming up.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


i was over the moon when i saw these little beauties in my local walgreens the other day, literally did a little happy dance by the stand. the rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal eyeliners (wow quite a mouthful) have been mentioned a lot lately in the blogging world as they seem to be a dupe for the urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils. like those they have amazing staying power and are so pigmented that you honestly just have to gently swipe the eyeliner across your lash line and you have a bold opaque line. 

i love these, after my maybelline master drama by eye studio eyeliner in midnight master ran out this morning i opted for the black shade of these. now i have had this on as a winged eyeliner effect since 8am this morning and after nearly 12 hours i swear it hasn't moved a muscle! i have no smudging and none has fallen down under my eyes either. rimmel has come out with a gorgeous range of colours, i bought black and brown which has lovely gold shimmer in it but the one that i was really excited about but have unfortunately yet to find is the nude shade. this i have seen so many people rave about as once applied to the water line makes eyes look less red and makes you appear wide awake even if you have only had a couple of hours sleep. the other shades in the collection look pretty too; taupe - a lovely shade for an every day look and bright blue - seriously cobalt that would look amazing in spring along the upper lash line and blended out :D

these are a little harder to get hold of in the US but i have found a couple of the shades in drugstore but the place i have found to have the best selection is asos. have you tried the new rimmel scandaleyes eyeliners?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

last chance

today is the last day to enter my 500 follower giveaway!!! i wanted to ay a huge thank you to everyone whole has helped my little blog grow over the past 10 months and the best way i could think of to do that was to give one of you lovely readers all my current beauty favourites and an ad space on my blog, as i am now open for ads :D

i am loving all of these products right now including the super moisturising maybelline colour whispers, the covergirl clump crusher mascara and eos lip balms, i have literally one in every handbag :D i love hosting giveaways but would love to know what kind of giveaway you guys would like to see next time, let me know in the comments :D

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if you are interested in advertising on my blog just enter using the passionfruit widget below :D

now for the ads :D ...

Friday, February 1, 2013

style envy : anna kendrick

with the amount of times i have watched pitch perfect since it came out it is no surprise that the star is my style envy for february. but lets just take a moment to talk about the film. seriously the funniest movie i have seen in a long time mainly because of the killer performance given by rebel wilson. fat amy had the best lines in the film...

"i'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake!"
"i'm gonna melt that cabbage patch kid"
"i'm doing horizontal running!"
"you guys are going to get pitch slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave"
"i sometimes have a feeling i can do crystal meth, but then i think, mmm...better not"

honestly i am in stitches writing this and may actually quite possibly be watching it again for the hundredth time whilst typing lol but enough with that lets just say WATCH IT!! lol

so back to the main point of this post...anna kendrick is my pick for style envy this month and as you can se from these pictures she is the queen of the neutral palette. she looks gorgeous in soft pastels and nudes and knows how to work the embellishments on the gorgeously pretty dresses she wears. the neutrals don't just stick to her wardrobe, her make up is yet stunning and allows the dresses to speak for them selves. surprisingly i couldn't find many casual outfits from anna kendrick, it seems she keeps out of the press on a day to day basis, shinning at events instead. but with outfits like this who can blame her.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

dont forget as well that this is the last weekend to enter my 500 follower giveaway!! just a couple of days left to add your entries to win lots of my current favourite beauty bits from brands including maybelline, covergirl, wet n wild, eos and jergens. could win an ad space on my blog!!! :D

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